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Stress Relief Treatment 

is not just for those with breathing issues, it can help with general health, stress and relaxation. Whilst the salt is predominately working on the 

respiratory system by cleansing the airways, this helps us all as we live in a city with pollutants that we don't  realize we breathe in constantly.

By cleansing the airways this allows the lungs to be able to take in more oxygen and turn has a knock on effect through all bodies with more oxygen in our blood. This is a subtle change, however over time can have a feeling of rejuvenation.

The salt therapy treatment itself is very relaxing and will give you a sense of calm and help relieve stress and fatigue.  The room is a high negative ion enviroment, negative ions are good for us, it's what we find in nature, especially at the beach and close to bush areas. It helps boost the immune system, give you a better night sleep and give you all over feeling of wellness.

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