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Therapeutic Massages & Services

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What is Massage?


Massage is the manipulation of the soft tissues of the body, utilizing such  techniques as  kneading, compression, friction, stretching with various depth of pressure. Massage is an ancient healing art and science which has applications in the modern stressful world.


Benefits of Massage

Among the many benefits of massage are increased circulation and the removal of toxins

reduction of  soreness and tension from the muscles of the body. Massage relaxes both body and mind, thus it reduces accumulated stress and imparts a sense of well-being.



Massage respects and encourages the body’s integrity, innate intelligence and ability to heal itself. Massage has long been recognized as the safest of healing methods and can have a positive impact on a wide all natural adjunct to medical, chiropractic and psychological treatments.


Massage and Stress

One of the most valuable psychological benefits of massage is an overall sense of well being which often lasts for an extended period of time. With less stress one may gain a clearer perspective of one’s problems and self image. Having massage on a regular basis has a cumulative effect of continuing this sense of well being. In today’s world of expensive treatments uninsured or underinsured populations, massage can be seen as a cost effective preventative health measure. By reducing stress-related health problems which are becoming more and more prevalent. Massage not only feels good but in our modern stressful word, it becomes a near necessity. Beneficial Massage Techniques for Men and Women in a Relaxed, Professional Environment


What to Expect

After your massage expect to feel very relaxed. You should plan your schedule accordingly. When you come for your first scheduled appointment, we ask that you arrive a few minutes early in order to fill out our client information form. This will help us to check for any contraindications of massage and give you the best possible service.  You may wear whatever you like to the massage.


Next, your therapist will introduce himself/herself and bring you into the private treatment room. Your therapist will then instruct you as to how to prepare and will then leave the room allowing you to disrobe in private you will lie on a comfortable massage table and will be completely covered with a sheet. During the massage only the part of your body being worked on will be exposed and your privacy will be protected at all times. If desired, we can remove any excess oil afterwards. Payment may be made in cash, personal check or credit card. Gratuities are not necessary but gratefully appreciated.


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