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Salt Therapy

                                             Also called HALOTHERAPY, greek word Halos, meaning salt

  Modern Technology is used to recreate the climate and atmosphere found in a salt cave with this CHAMBER 


Halotherapy or Dry Salt Therapy is known worldwide as natural,drug free and safe complimentary treatment benefitial for asthma, sinusitis, chronic lung diseases, allerhies, ear infections, bronchitis, cystic fibrosis, rhinitis, hay fever, sore throat, congestions, psoriasis, stress reduction, for maintaining respiratory health and more. 

Salt has been used for ages as natural treatment for different ailments. In 1843 it was first to mention the benefits of natural salt mines, because the salt mine workers had very healthy respiratory systems. To this day there are working Hospitals throughout Europe in natural Salt mines.

Prices                                                                            single      3 pack        5 pack

Respiratory                                           10 minutes     $17            $48            $ 79

                                                               15 minutes      $25            $72           $119


Skin conditions at higher salt rate   15 minutes      $27            $78           $129

                                                               20 minutes      $33            $96           $159


Side effects can cause increased cough with better and productive discharge, a rather positive effect. Eye irritation has been reported in some individuals.

Halotherapy should be avoided for people afflicted with

-acute stage of bronchi and lung disease

-chronic obstructive pulmonary diseases with symptoms of the 3rd stage lung insufficiency

-Cardiac insufficiency

-Hypotension stage 2

-all internal diseases with decompensation


-if you suffer chronic diseases, please consult your physician before Halotherapy

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